Big Island Horseback Tours

For an unforgettable paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) experience, the Hawaiian Islands offer a variety of fun ways for you to saddle up on your own horse.  There are scenic storytelling tours by horse drawn wagon as well as a guided gallop through a real cattle field.  You can choose from a large selection of natural environments like the historic trail to Kealakekua Bay that includes swimming and snorkeling or the pastures of Kahua Ranch or the tropical Waipio Valley stream and waterfalls trails, and many more.

Horseback Trail Rides in Waimea.

Ranchers will show you the paniolo authentic culture.  It is a historical part of the Big Island life.  Some of the ranchers are 3rd and 4th generation paniolo which give them years of experience.  You will enjoy many stories and feel connected to the land as you ride through.  You will experience a memorable trip like nowhere else.

By booking on of the Big Island Horseback Tours you will experience the Big Island like no other.  Big Island Hawaii Horseback Riding offers the best of the Big Island whether on unchartered territory or in a group.  Book one of the many Hawaiian Horseback Tours if you’d like to visit Waipio Valley with Big Island Horseback Tours and save on Hawaii Activities.  Waipio Valley tours and other Big Island Horseback Tours are offered at a discount through Big Island Horseback Tours.

If you are looking for the Waipio Valley, Parker Ranch, or Kahua Ranch Big Island Horseback Riding Hawaii tours are the best Hawaii Activities on the island.  You will never forget a tour through Hawaii on Horseback.  For any fun Hawaiian Horseback Tours for Waipio Valley or any other tour contact Big Island Horseback Tours.

 Book your Hawaiian Horseback Tours with Big Island Horseback Tours today for your discount and experience a trip of a lifetime.  These Horseback Riding Tours are for the advanced or the novice.  You will have an experience to create a lasting memory while discovering the beauty of the Big Island.  We also practice responsible Eco-Tourism with Big Island Horseback Tours.

The tours are also quite laid back.  You have the option to veer out a little on your own once you’re comfortable. 

You will visit lush pasturelands with grazing sheep with cinder cones amongst the pasture as a contrast along the Parker Ranch.  The Parker Ranch is the second largest working cattle ranch in the US with over 150,000 acres.  Horseback Riding could get no better.
The lush Waipio valley also offers Big Island Horseback Riding.  After leaving the stables you’ll see stunning vistas, lush tropical trails, incredible waterfalls, and freshwater streams. 

The Kahua Ranch and Na’alapa stables are located in North Kohala.  Here you can explore and venture out with real paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) through 12,000 acres of incredible terrain.

We focus on safety at Big Island Horseback Riding Hawaii tours.  There is flexibility for experienced riders and some age and weight restrictions apply.  Call Big Island Horseback Tours for booking and questions.

You will enjoy the peaceful Waipio Valley on a Big Island Horseback Riding Tour.  Your Horseback Riding tour will be comfortable from the advanced rider to the beginner.  With the Big Island Hawaii Horseback Riding tour groups, you’ll have a less challenging ride which will allow for you to enjoy and relax.  There are so many Hawaii Activities to choose from and many Hawaiian Horseback tour groups.  Let Big Island Horseback Tours help you decide which tour or tours will best suit you.

Na'alapa Horseback Adventure on Kahua Ranch
From: $92.00
Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Kahua Ranch is one of the oldest working ranches in Hawaii. Enjoy a guided horseback ride featuring panoramic views of the mountains and the coastline.

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